It’s with great shock and sadness that that we inform you that Ali passed away suddenly this week.

Efforts have been made to contact existing clients; apologies if you were missed.

Kingswells Canines


Kingswells Canines offers a comprehensive service based around the needs of you and your pet. My focus is on dog walking but I also offer pet sitting: visiting cats, rabbits and hamsters while you’re at work, on holiday or simply cannot be there.

As a dog owner, I understand the importance of knowing your pet is being cared for by a reliable and trustworthy individual who is fully insured.

Dog Walking

Your dog will be collected from your home and transported in my van which is equipped with dog crates. Our group walks take place in forests and countryside where your dog has the opportunity to be off lead, exploring and having fun!

At the end of the walk, your dog will be transported home, towel dried (if necessary) and left with a tasty treat!

£12 per walk (within Kingswells only)

Cat Visits

I can carry out visits up to 2 times a day, morning and evening, but some flexibility may be available.

Services offered include feeding and cleaning litter trays.

£6 per visit for up to 2 cats,
then £2 per additional cat (within Kingswells only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you walk dogs?

I have a few favourite places I like to walk the dogs including local countryside and forest walks. Your dog will be walked where there is a lot of opportunity to be safely off lead to run about and have fun!

Will you walk my dog on or off the lead?

There are times when all dogs need to be on lead, near roads, near livestock and at other
appropriate times, for example, when they are not listening well. However, I do ask that all dogs are permitted off lead at some point during a walk. I personally feel dogs get the best exercise off lead so this is how I prefer to walk them.

What is your availability for dog walking and pet sitting?

This changes all the time. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. Please note that I can carry out pet visits in your own home but I do not offer a home boarding service.

Where are my house keys stored?

House keys that you have authorised me to hold will be kept in a locked box in a secure location within my property.

My dog is not neutered/spayed – should this be a cause for concern?

I can walk dogs that are not neutered or spayed as long as there are no behavioural issues related to this. Please note I cannot walk a dog when it is in season, for obvious reasons!


No one loves and fusses over dogs like this lady. Kind,calm and trustworthy. I highly recommend Kingswells Canines.” – Kate Diamond

“Ali is fantastic with my young (and very bouncy) cockapoo. She’s very flexible and thoughtful. Most importantly, the way Bailey reacts to her shows she loves her to bits, and she would happily go with Ali rather than come with me, which says it all!” – Pam Wilson
“Jasper loves when Ali comes to collect him and going out with his doggy chums , always comes home tired and you know he has had fun! Highly recommend Kingswells Canines” – Jill Matthew


Get in Touch By Phone Or email

If you have an enquiry, please get in touch. You can reach me on 07904 911650. Alternatively, complete the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible..

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